Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Name Game

I am thinking I would like to change his name.  I love the name Octavius, which is his registered name.  It’s a great historical reference to the Roman Empire. Here’s your history lesson for the day on the origins of the name:

“ born Gaius Octavius into an old and wealthy equestrian branch of the plebeian Octavii family. Following the assassination of his maternal great-uncle Julius Caesar in 44 BC, Caesar's will named Octavius as hisadopted son and heir. Together with Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus, he formed the Second Triumvirate to defeat the assassins of Caesar. Following their victory at Philippi, the Triumvirate divided the Roman Republic among themselves and ruled as military dictators.[note 3] The Triumvirate was eventually torn apart under the competing ambitions of its members: Lepidus was driven into exile and stripped of his position, and Antony committed suicide following his defeat at the Battle of Actium by Augustus in 31 BC.

But “Otto”  which is what he has been called for short,  isn’t really my favorite. It seems like he needs a better everyday name. I could live with it I suppose,  if nothing else sticks . For whatever reason, I haven’t had that name epiphany where a name pops into my head that says “yes, this is his name”. Here is a list of the ones I have considered , the first 5 being my favorite and in some cases, a  comment about the name, pros and cons.

1. Gibson- Love this one the best, but I have a friend with this horses name so it isn't original
2. Oakley- kinda like this one, seems to fit
3. Sebastian- Patron saint of Athletes , but kind of a mouthful
4. Fiddich- as in the Glenn Fiddich scotch and the scottish river, both represent smoothness, a movement characteristic he will have, eventually, when he is less gawky and awkward
5. Music- from the Willy Nelson song, A horse Named Music, one of my favorites and it takes place in Western Montana. 
6. Ash
7. Atticus- Like this one as well
8. Argo- Horse of Xena , faithful, brave and intelligent, plus I own a dog named Xena
9.Boaz- Hebrew for Swiftness
10. Dorian-  He was a famous grey jumper 
11. Pilgrim- Because he traveled a long ways to get here
13. Cisco
14. Rio
15. Giles
16. High Pockets- an old nickname for someone with long legs because their pants are high off the ground
17. Eli- Hebrew for Height
18. Geoffrey- like the Giraffe, because that is what he looks like right now when he runs
19.Grey Goose- color, could call him Goose for short
20. Foggy Notion(since I don't have one right now on what to name him)

So tell me what you think.. and if you have any new suggestions, leave me a comment!

Thanks for Reading!

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