Friday, January 30, 2015

Icey Frosty Horses

Its February!! Its Almost Spring.. Ok, maybe not.. but a girl can dream right??

Actually , it kinda felt like Spring a few days ago. I was feeding in the evening , around 5:45 p.m and it was still relatively light out. The birds in the big rotten Larch tree were even singing. It really felt like March out there.. I couldn't help but linger a bit longer. I raked the hay barn and straightened a few things up while I was enjoying the mild evening (ofcourse it gave me an excuse to not be involved in dinner prep!)

This past week we have been enjoying a few days of sun with  mid to high 40's . The typical end of January thaw , just to tease us! We have not had any further snow fall since earlier this month.
For the next few days, we are slipping into our inversion season, where the fog gets stuck in the valley and the cold damp weather is trapped. 25 degrees feels like it's zero out.. damp cold.. and you can't see more than a half mile ahead due to the inversion/fog.  We don't see much sun.

Everything is covered in a frosty glaze , including the horses.
JB says he is not getting grey...

even the hair in my ears has frost!!!

The Morgan ofcourse with his thick coat is really frosted.. !

I saw a statistic  somewhere indicating this area I live in has one of the highest % of antidepressants prescribed from December through March. I can believe it. S.A.D is a real thing here. It gets downright depressing from all the cloud cover and cold.

 Vitamin D supplementation helps some to fight off SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) If not, I go sign up for a few weeks of tanning bed time. 10 minutes a couple of times a week won't kill me. The benefit outweighs the bad I think. I might go shopping this weekend for one of those Happy Lights. and set it up on my desk at home so when I am working, I get the added benefit.

Another helpful tactic I try to take is plenty of rest and plenty of exercise. I started a new video program, T25 by Sean T. I honestly can't stand listening to him after having done Insanity but the 25 minute workout was appealing. Trying to get back on some sort of workout routine has been challenging. My motivation has been in the tank. (I really just want to start riding). T25 is alot of core work combined with Interval training. It's only 25 minutes but it's intense and so far, I am definitely feeling plenty challenged. I keep telling myself it will just help with riding when it gets warm enough.

I have been re reading the book by Ingrid and Reiner Klimke, "Cavaletti" to get my mind geared back up for jumping excercise. Its a book for schooling the green horse (and rider) over caveletti and building up into gymnastics for jumpers. It has some great info in there and helps me make a plan for Brego. I can't wait to get jumping.

Tomorrow we are loading up and going over to an indoor. I have moved a few of my jumps over to the arena  and the plan is to haul over once a week. It's very close by so time wise, it should be manageable.


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