Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monday Night Foot Measuring...

Do you ride bare?

Barefoot that is...I’ve been considering it since last fall for JB when he had all of his foot issues. To be honest, I kind of fought the idea at first. It just seemed like so many people were jumping on the band wagon just to jump on the bandwagon and I really try to resist the urge to become a lemming like humans seem to be prone to do. I wasn’t convinced at first that it would be a fit for JB but given his year in 2008, I knew I had to explore some other options. I guess I am a lemming afterall, but it seems the most logical solution at this point. Many serious endurance riders are having excellent results.

I was looking at the Renegades but for 2009 , Easy Care has the makings of a big leap for the Easy Boot product with three new products. The price for the Easy Care product is also more aligned with my budget as well. The new boots are still warm from the desert trail testing and the buzz about them is encouraging. The results seem impressive. If you follow the news on the blog on Easy Care’s website, you probably have heard about it already. If not I have pasted in the link further down.
The Glove ,the Glue On and the Edge are the new models. At this point, I am interested in the Glove model. The explanation of the name goes without saying… but yes, they are supposed to fit like a glove. They are also claiming they are a lot easier to put on the hoof as well. I will have to report back on that. Both the Edge and the Glove are pretty low profile with updates to the gaiter and the binding.

There is one little glitch. With the glove and the glue on, there is a a new process to fitting these redesigned boots. You now have to purchase a Fit Kit to determine the right size boot for your horse and the sizes are in millimeters so you have to do some math too!

Read about the fitting process here and the posts about the testing for each boot style.

It’s a little extra work and a little more of the green stuff for sizing, but worth it in order to get the correct size boot. The Fit Kit comes with three boot sizes to try on your horse. You get to keep the kit for 30 days and then return it. At that time you can place your order for your boot.

Monday night, Tom and I scratched the ice and mud away from JB's feet in the glow of a flashlight to measure his feet according to the instructions. JB measurements were 4 5/8 on the front and about 4 ¾ so he needed a 1.5 size Fit Kit according to the chart. In the kit, I will receive a size 1, 1.5 and 2 to try on him. If your horses front and back feet are substantially different in size, you may find you have to order two fit kits. Luckily, I didn't have to.

Today was the first day they were allowing orders to be placed. When I called to order the fit kits the Easy Care rep indicated that the Fit Kit’s were on order and that they hoped to receive their shipment of FitKit’s next week. So, it will be about two weeks before I receive my FitKit. I was hoping I could get JB set up with boots sooner but atleast we are getting closer, hopefully, to resolving his foot problems.

Anyone else out there ordering these? If so, you might consider getting your order in soon. I have a feeling these boots might really take off and then there may be a waiting list.


ellescee said...

Hi, Jonna! I clicked on your profile and was pleased to see you had a blog, too!

The new gloves sound really exciting--I'll admit, I was tempted at first to sway from my original savings plan to get them instead. But I ended up getting Renegades, mostly because I'm a glutton for color-coordination.

I'm curious to see how they work out! I've heard really wonderful things about them, though. I love that they have a glue-on now, too.

It's funny what you said about the bandwagon and the whole bare-feet thing. In Boise, riding bare is totally accepted and embraced and no one bats an eye. In Pullman, I've literally gotten into arguments with people because they think doing endurance bare is totally crazy, like I'm some kind of original revolutionary. You should hear the way they talk about Pete Ramey--his name is always said with a sneer. I always tell them I know DOZENS of people doing endurance bare....ugh. I'm to the point now where I tell my trimmer that I pay him to do his job and to keep his trap shut. I don't like him much, but he does a good job and is always reliable.

Good luck! I'll be watching your progress!


Jonna said...

Hi Glad you found me!! I hear what you are saying about the barefoot thing... I don't see it much in my area either. But, the folks that are doing Tevis barefoot didn't get there with out alot of hard work and knowing what works... so I guess I take my lesson from them...That's funny what you said about your farrier!! I have to admit, I am attracted to the colors of the renegades as well and the sheer success I hear about them. I will keep you posted on how the bares work out!! thanks for stopping by!