Friday, January 23, 2009

Things to avoid with Saddle Pads

A couple weeks ago, I found a saddle pad that I thought would work really well and wouldn't an arm and two legs. It arrived today, after being on back order. I was quite excited about it and ripped open the package to take a closer look at it. It took only a matter of seconds to realize I would be sending said saddle pad right back to the retailer. On the underside of the pad, the material was fine as long as the pad was laid open, but as soon as you folded it in half, much like it would sit across the horses back, the material bunched into a large lump that ran the length of the pad... on both side so essentially there was a lump of material that would dig in to the horses rib cage. Not only that , once the rider was in the saddle and the additional pressure from the riders' leg would only add to the problem.. can you say SORE HORSE???

I thought maybe it was a defect in the one I received but the more in inspected it, the more it became obvious that the pad was stitched incorrectly and done while the pad was laid out flat most likely. No one thought about what the material would do when it was folded.

The Unbounded Round 28in X 29in is the pad to avoid and is sold by Stateline tack. Other than this, I have had very good luck with all the other products I have purchased over the years so this won't keep me from doing business with them in the future.

I was quite dissappointed needless to say , but I should have known I was playing with fire with the price they were selling these for!

So , if anyone else is considering the pad... My advice? don't bother. Now I have to pay to ship the blasted thing back and you can bet they will recieve a detailed explanation of why I am sending it back.

So what's next? Back to using what I know works. The 100% wool felt pad... that costs alot more....but worth every penny...

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