Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Blahs

Imprisoned into the safe confines of sanded corrals, the horses are crabby, sullen and terribly bored. Their legs yearn to run, their lungs to burn with the icy crystalized air and their manes tossing wildly with the gusting winter winds. They will have to wait.The ice sheet that now covers the majority of our 5 acres left me no choice last weekend. A decision between safety and confinement or freedom and danger. I chose safety. The risk of a a horse down on the ice, unable to get up , or worse, a broken limb, was too high.

I hate winters like this; lots of snow with below freezing temps, followed by a warming trend which brings rain and melting snow, only to be followed by dipping temps once again and snow, to now hide the disastrous footing from unsuspecting equines.

So, we have officially entered the January blahs, a point in time where my horses and myslef long for warmer days to frolic and play in the sunshine.



Barbara said...

I'm with you.

cheyenne jones said...

We get similar stuff here, mainly due to our Maritime climate.

Dom said...

Ozzy and I sympathize.