Thursday, May 3, 2012

The diagnosis

So the good news is that Xena did REALLY well with the people at the vet clinic.  I have only had her there once jsut to do a quick meet and greet not too long after I got her home. Yesterday was her first time as a "patient" there and she only thought about being aggresive once and it was briefly. The vet techs and the vets did a really good job just keeping it as low key as possible so that her experience was a positive one. That being said, she tolerated being pet by lots of strangers and didn't growl once, even let the vet pet her belly.. I was thrilled about that..
Ofcourse she was pretty stressed but that was understandable.

The vet was able to get a stool sample from Xena's gift on the lawn of the vet clinic, which worked out great, elimnatiing the need for the vet to have to manually take a sample, which probably would have set Xena back even further. The ran the test and it indicated alot of bacterial overgrowth in the gut..aka, COLITIS, or simply put, Inflamation of the colon. That was actually good news because it can dealt with easily. There was no indication of a blockage, malabsorption and no parasites.

The first thing that comes to mind is that she got into something bad and ate it. Or she had a diet change. Neither of those seemed to be a good explanation. There has been no diet change, no over indulgence in treats and no recent kitchen garbage raids. Getting into something, like a dead animal also isn't likely as she is never loose, except for her escape over a week ago. The  vet did not think the timing of her symptoms was jiving with that explanation.  Instead, the vet leaned more towards stess causing all of this. Dogs often get Colitis while kenneled due to stress. Well, she has certainly been stressed ever since trauma of the escape. Just like us, our gut flora can get out of sync with too much stress.. Makes sense to me.
So we were sent home, no harm no foul with an Immodium type medication as well as Metronidazole which is an antiinflammatory as well as kill certain harmful organisms such as Clostridia. She is also on that really expensive prescription gastro health canned food from thet vet for a few days. Xena was already feeling better by last night and the screamin mimi's have stopped. She thinks the canned food is like a slice of heaven. Getting the pills down her is quite a task but she gets so excited about the canned food, I just smash it into her dish and she doesn't know it's in there. (unlike most of my horses who would never fall for such a rookie trick)  I am sure I will have fun reintroducing her to her regular food..

So we are treating the symptoms and trying to get Xena back to some sort of normal  butI need to figure out how to manage her stress level so we don't have recurrences of this. Ofcourse, I can got the route of Prozac for Puppies- but I would rather avoid that. I am hoping to try a few homeopthic remedies and see if anything will help. The first one that comes to mind is Rescue Remedy . I have heard good and bad but the only thing I can do is try and see if it works.

If all else fails, I can use it...!

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