Saturday, May 26, 2012

Intrepid or stupid?

It's going to rain today, 40% chance..that means there is a 60% chance that it won't. Atleast that is what I will choose to tell myself!  Maggie and I will head out for a long ride with the plan to stay out as long as we can, that is,  ride until we are either too wet and miserable to continue,  or we hit a decent mileage for the day. Shooting for 10-15 but mother nature will most likely play a part in our time out there. It will get worse as the day progresses so we'll head out soon. I will pack the rain gear and something warm to greet us back at the trailer when done.

47 days until City of Rocks, which actually means there is only about 40 more days of actual condition time.

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