Monday, May 28, 2012

Hill Smokin...

Today I ventured over to Herron Park. It's hill territiry.. No matter which way you point, you have to go up. It levels off in spots, only to go up some more. We got a late start. The hubby came along today after getting home 6:00 a.m. from Canada , slept for four hours and decided he wanted to get Brego out. I was glad to have the company along.

Maggie was pretty fresh and we hit the first hill and she wanted to go, go ,go. I don't know where she was going , but she wasn't going to  be late... I let her kill her self. I knew it wouldn't be long... I didn't have my HRM on, it probably would have just scared the crap out of me if  I did. Brego and Tom  stayed with us for only a llittle while and we left them behind. Brego is still on the soft side. I yelled back that I would wait at the top for them. I wanted Maggie to work through her fit and realize that this was going to be hard work. and choose to reevaluate her decision, (if a horse can rationalize).  The hill is about over a 1/4  mile long. I offered to let her slow several times. No go. Ok, fine... We made it to within about 500 feet of the top, and Maggie realized she had left her buddy in the dust, glanced back over her shoulder at me, it seemed anyways,  and it was almost as if she said to herself  " well, what the hell am I doing??" .. and she walked. She was huffing pretty good

We set about the next 5 miles , of hills and mostly walked with a few spurts of jogging and since it was getting so late we made a loop and headed back. It wasn't much of a ride but lots of climbing in a short distance. Maggie did not appear tired at all by the time we made it back to the trailer, which was good to see.

For now, the plan is to head back Monday and cover a longer distance... with HRM attached...

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Funder said...

Hahaha, I do the same thing. "Really? You really think it's a great idea for you to trot up this monster hill? Ok, knock yourself out..."

Sounds like she's coming along great!