Saturday, April 21, 2012

Conditioning riding resumed today

I debated but took Maggie for a condition ride today. She started out a bit on the  sluggish side but seemed to perk up. The rest of the week went without any further issues, although she is still in heat. At about the 5 mile mark she started acting a little odd, and seemed more sweaty than she should have been for the ride. We had trotted but not a lot and not fast. I decided to stop, get off, let her graze a little and assess her for a few minutes. She pee'd and nibbled at a little grass but generally seemed uninterested. I got back on and decided we would make our way back towards the trailer. If I didn't purposely take her a different route to head back, I would have thought her increased energy level was simply the "aha home" mode, but she wouldn't have known we were headed back as it was a different trail altogether. Fo rthe first time , she felt like the normal Maggie. She even decided she wanted to pick up the pace to trot a little. Tom was along with Brego and we trotted along a nice two lande soft dirt track for about a   2 mile stretch. Maggie moved out into her big trot and stayed there, for all two miles. It always such a thrill to ride her in that trot, I could go for miles. She acted as though she wanted to continue but the trail merged into a more technical section so we had to slow to a walk.

So, maybe her earlier isse was just that she had to pee???

We decided that since she had perked up and was acting quite normal, we would not head back and instead take another loop . By the time we got back to the trailer, we had completed 12 miles. Our top speed according to the GPS was 13.6 mph and that would have been during our big trot out.

13.6 mph trot???

 NOT  bad... Not bad at all..

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