Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fear and Motivation

So the nicest days we have had thus far this spring were Sunday and yesterday. Ofcourse, as it would happen, I had to attend meetings at our main office beginning early Monday morning, which meant I had to travel 4 hours on Sunday afternoon.It was a  total bummer. It was hard to have to pack up and get in that car to drive in sunny 75 degree weather . I pouted... and whined as long as I could Sunday morning but I did manage to atleast ride JB a bit before I left. I did the office corporate thing ALL day Monday and finally got back on the road at 4:00 p.m. The husband called and said that Xena , the German Shepherd, had somehow managed to escape. She climbed a 6 foot kennel to get out. Do you know how hard it is to be 4 hours away and completely helpless ?? Besides that fact that the majority of the trip is in "dark country" . Tom  would be spending his afternoon looking for her.
A little motivation and a fair amount of fear can do amazing things. For the dog and me.

I made that drive in record time, 3 hours..I got home at 7:00, Tom picked me up at the car rental place and we raced back home. We drove some of the back roads, with me calling her.. but we saw nothing. We decided to run home so I could change out of the office garb and get to searching for her. I had two hours of daylight left. The neighbors had been running tractors and lawn equipment and that scared her enough to drive her over the kennel. She was last seen headed south by some other neighbor.

As I was changing and Tom was unloading the car, he says, "someone's here to see you!"

It was the best 5 words I had heard all day...

Xena came bounding in the front door and jumped on me. She was quite happy to see me but not as happy as I was to see her..
Xena must have heard me calling her, even though Tom had been out for 4 hours already calling and whistling for her.

So much for the fenced back yard we were building...

Plan B- a cover for the kennel..

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