Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pete's Ridge Ride

The plan was to get to Pete's Ridge in the state land.  Tom came along this time and we met some friends , who will be referred to as J &J.  The truth is J took me to Pete's Ridge a week before but because I am directionally challenged, I could not quite remember how to get in there. Tom was my insurance policy , and was tasked with marking way points with the GPS.

The Trail, it all looks the same...

We met late morning and headed out in a very uneventful fashion. All the horse were behaving and set into a nice pace. At about 2 miles in , and several turns later to get on the right trail, (seriously I still may never find this trail on my own) we started climbing. We made our way to the "look out" , checked out the view, and carried on

The posse- Tom trying to duck out of the way...and yes, there are three horses and two riders behind him. One horse was being ponied along..

The View from the Lookout

Another view overlooking the valley from the lookout- about 3200 ft elevation

At this point we were not that far from the top but we had a steep climb ahead...

This pic doesn't do the climb justice but this is J coming up the trail with her strudy litte "Sage". It was quite steep,and a long climb up, just take my word for it.!

We hit the top and it was so windy and cold, we didn't stay long. We rode to a low spot on the trail and had a little lunch and threw pinecones for J's cute little cow dog known as Jackson. He's a nut!

On our way out, we ran across one of these:can anyone guess what it is???

Think Heebie Jeebies...
They are every where on this system of trails, but this one gets the prize for sure..

Over all the ride was pretty uneventful. It was a chilly day but the sun poked through  enough to keep our spirits high. We ended up covering about 9.5 miles and we got back to the trailer and Maggie was a complete pill. She did not want to stand still for anything, which is unusual for her. It was cold enough and she was wet enough that I had to blanket her. Have you ever tried to blanket a moving target.  She definitely was not acting like she had just been ridden 9.5 miles but instead acted like she was ready to go 9.5 more. I was quite tickled, in a sick endurance rider kinda way.

The good news is that  we successfully marked multiple waypoints but after two hours of trying to make it work, I still can't get my GPS to upload the map so I can make it look all pretty and post it here like Funder and Endurance Granny do. 

I will keep working on it I suppose.

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