Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pig Farm Ride

The weather royally sucked all morning. It was a  blustery 25 degrees when I got up at 7:00 a.m. Only supposed to hit 46 today but the wind had picked up.As I busies myself with a few household chores, I kept glancing outside waiting for some magical  weather change. Hey , it can happen ! No luck though. By noon, I was trying to talk myself out of going, which then moved into bargaining with myself; "Hmm, I could always just go up the road" for a quick 6 miles and call it good. No, not good enough and I knew it.

I cooked up some eggs, drank down a bunch of water, loaded the saddle in the trailer, hooked up and reluctantly hauled out. But first I had to get fuel. As I drove in the opposite direction of where I needed to go to ride in order to get to a gas station, yet another snow squall tailed me. I grimaced. This sucks... really. $60 worth of diesel later, I  headed back down the road, only to be caught in yet the same snow squall which had decided to just hang out. Only  it had become almost a white out. Hmm, bald tires on the trailer. This might not be good. I couldn't whether I would eventually drive out of it but I was hoping. I drove a bit further and it just kept getting worse. I decided , "Y'know, this might not be in the cards today". I turned left on Conn Road and headed back home. Tom just happned to call right about then, wondering where something was. I whined about the weather and said I was coming home. Surprised, he asked why. He said it was sunny sky directly to the west, which is where I needed to go. I was still 4 miles north of home. I decided I would drive to the intersection where I would either have to stay straight to head home or  turn right onto in order to get back on the road that would take me to where I had planned to ride. What we locally call the Pig Farm, or the state land..or Kuhns; take your pick . I got the intersection. The weather did seem signifigantly better.  Fine, I all fueled up, saddled up, I may as well just go.

You know those days where things just don't seem to feel right? That was how I was feeling when I pulled out of the driveway this morning with the trailer.  I was planning to ride alone , which is normally not an issue for me, but I just felt like there was bad mojo in the air. It made me anxious but chalked it up to  the weather.  I pulled up to the parking lot for trailers and unloaded Maggie. The wind was whipping. Gray clouds loomed. I hurriedly brushed most of the dirt off Maggie and saddled her.

I have to stop here: I was just informed of the time and  need to go get in the shower and get ready for a night out. I will finish this tomorrow.. Stay tuned..

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